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EP Validation

After the European Patent Office (EPO) has decided that an application will be granted, there are several steps and procedures in order for the European Patent to be into force.

After the Communication from Rule 71(3) by EPO, the text is either approved or a request for amendment is made. The deadline set by the Examiner is non-extensible.

Following the correspondence in reference to the Communication from Rule 71(3), EPO subsequently issues the Decision for Grant pursuant to Article 97(1) EPC.

Provided that the respective European Patent is designated for North Macedonia, we can assist you with further enforcement with the so called “validation” or national phase.

Having in mind that the Decision for Grant mentions the publication in the EP Bulletin, the “validation” in North Macedonia needs to be done within 3 months of the publication date in the Bulletin.


In accordance with the London Agreement, only the claims needs to be translated into Macedonian.


Power of Attorney is required for the procedure, which needs to be duly signed by the applicant and (if applicable) stamped. There is no notarization or legalization required.

Our solution

We have managed to automate the process in North Macedonia by using an API key from EPO. The same principle applies to the payment of maintenance fees for patents. With that, the whole process is going to be more efficient.

All of the data from the B1 is extracted and filled in the respective national template, which guarantees accuracy – having been made possible by EPO’s Open Patent Services (OPS) .


In accordance with the Law on industrial property and the Law on administrative tariffs, the renewal fee for each patent needs to be paid by the date of application in front of EPO and we can assist you with the payment as well, provided that the renewals are not handled by a renewal agency.


The costs for the national phase can vary due to the translation of the claims. While having a fixed agency and translation fee is something that we adhere to, we also do not recommend using standard commercial translator due to the highly technical nature of the patents. The irregularities of such translation can have immense impact of the patent.

Therefore, we use several translators for their respective competence in various fields.

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